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This weekend, my husband and I were sitting at a table outside of the sanctuary at church, in between service and bible study when a lady came up to us and began talking to us. "not hungry this morning, huh?" She said. Most people sitting outside (it is January, but this is Tucson) were enjoying breakfast of some sort. I told here we had each had a cookie. She began talking about how long she had been coming here, and how she and her husband met, and I didn't even know her name. Then the thought crossed my mind that maybe she was "a little off" or "not all there" or one of the other hundred euphemisms we have for mentally unstable people. And why did I think this? Because she just came up and started talking to us. And we didn't know her. At church, of all places, and I immediately assume that she is retarded or something. We finished the conversation, gathered our stuff and headed over to bible study. We both thought the entire incident was weird, but we had no reason why. She was obviously a normal, but friendly person who had killed some time making conversation with strangers. Is that all it takes these days?


Blogger wrinkled weasel said...

yes. I had a similar experience years ago. We insulate ourselves against the outside world rather a lot these days and chance encounters are so often a cause for suspicion.

Well, if we pull down the shutters, the light aint gonna get in.

That's enough ersatz Forrest Gump philosophy for one comment.

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