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I'm a twenty-something edging past newlywed and new dog owner. I run, write, I work. What else is there besides the struggle to overcome all of that and make something of myself...



I feel a little late to the party...I mean, I vaguely remember a professor talking about blogs my last year of college. But I ignored her. Then it sounded like some whiny, dear diary piece that egomaniacs put on the web because in all of their delusions, they think their life is more interesting and readable than anyone else's. And then, one day, I stumbled across while searching for something celeb-related. After getting hooked on their hilarious rips of irritating Hollywood stars and reading all the archives, and hungry for more witty writing in-between posts, I stumbled on And the Random Muse. And Jensylvania. Here were 3 distinct, funny, intelligent BLOGS. Some of them even had book deals, spawned in some cases, merely by someone running across their blog and discovering
that-GASP!-an ordinary, non-famous-or-relative-of-famous person can write--well! And be funny! I was inspired.

So although I am not hopelessly hip and my archives (I don't even HAVE archives!) don't go back to the early '00's, here I am. Trying to write every day. Trying to chronicle those moments in my life that might be mildly funny to someone trying to escape the tedium of their day. Trying to work through my own issues. Trying to keep anyone in my family from reading this. Trying to make sense of my life as a post-newlywed, new dog owner, runner, writer, daughter and sister, and figuring out just where that puts me in the grand scheme of things. And maybe one day someone (besides me) will see that I have some talent for just that.


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