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I'm a twenty-something edging past newlywed and new dog owner. I run, write, I work. What else is there besides the struggle to overcome all of that and make something of myself...


Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood

I am trying to figure out what is going to be my main thread of conversation here. From the blogs I have read, the most successful tend to pick a topic or aspect of their life and really stick with it. It makes sense. I am in media, and when you write for a show or advertise in one, there is always one big question: Who is your audience? Once you get one, you have to target them or you lose them. So I have to pick something. I already feel somewhat boxed in by the title, because I hate when I go to a blog and it's nothing like the title indicates. But I think it's cliche to write about being a writer. Obviously I am, or I would have no interest in a blog. I already write about running in our club newsletter. I'm no yoga expert, and that is kind of a boring topic anyway. What about the puppy? That's new...but is it sad that the puppy is the most exciting development in my life right now? I mean there are a million mommy blogs, but having a kid is a big deal. They actually grow up and go wild or go to college or jail and do stuff. No dog can match that. I'll think about it though, if only because it gives the opportunity for sucker pictures like this one:


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