The Crappy Poet

I'm a twenty-something edging past newlywed and new dog owner. I run, write, I work. What else is there besides the struggle to overcome all of that and make something of myself...


A View of the World from Five Feet Up

Here is a chronicling of all the life changing events in my world from Day One:

1979: Born

1985: Begin Kindergarden, swallow marble, live to tell.

1988: Begin writing poetry, write my first play.

1990: Edit first poetry collection for fifth grade class. Begin writing novel.

1992: Finish first novel, Chickens from the Mafia - A Muppets-meet-John Grisham-love-story-law-thriller.

1994: Begin running

1995: First boyfriend

1997: Sucked into first poetry contest scam

1998: Graduate high school, begin at Univeristy of Oklahoma, start novel

2001: Graduate college, no job, Sept 11th, start novel, begin first TV job

2003: Meet husband, who is intern at TV job, run first half-marathon, marry, move to Arizona to start better paying job, get first poem published

2004: Leave better paying job for job that keeps me from wanting to shoot myself, start novel, begin writing running club column

2006: How did I get here again?


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