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Wedding Blahs

As we gear up for this year's wedding season, I am already officially done. Already. Every year I go through this. I am a totally bitter bride, and I don't know when I will get over it. This is because my mother ruined my wedding. And by ruined, I don't mean she ordered the wrong napkins, or was totally bitchy to my mother in law, or that she booked my second favorite band instead of my first favorite. I mean she hit her head on a table, knocked herself unconscious, and that was the best part. Maybe I will tell the story one day, although I have tried many times to set it down on paper and it never gets the same reaction as when I tell it. The most important thing is that my mother doesn't know I have a blog, so she couldn't read it. Because she thinks we have gotten to the point where we can all laugh about it now, and I'm still not laughing. I don't like weddings, I HATE those planning them, mainly because they have to work it into EVERY conversation.

Me: So what are you doing this weekend?

Bride-to-be: Oh my gosh! Me and my Fiancee are addressing "Save the date" cards! I wept when I got them in the mail. I mean, they have our NAMES on them.

Me: Cool. Uh, do you have a pen? This one just ran out.

Bride-to-be: Oh my gosh! I have to pick out a pen for the guest book!

Me: Wow. Lots of planning. Is the copier dead again?

Bride-to-be: Our babies are going to be exact copies of us!

Me: I think I am just going to go drop this off in person instead of mailing it.

Bride-to-be: I was thinking it would be so cool to have all the invitations had delivered, too!

I don't know if it's my experience that makes me hate these people, if single people hate them equally (I never noticed it when I was single) or if everyone finds them as obnoxious as I do. But wedding season is going to kill me. I am going on three years now, and I still can't take it!


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