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My Date with Brian

I am so excited because this week, I get to attend a kick-ass yoga workshop with longtime yoga idol, Brian Kest. This is Brian Kest, people! Pictured here with his Michael Bolton-esque locks and fancy leggings. Now he has a more chic shaved head and lost the leggings, but I am excited all the same. This is Brian Kest, who coined such phrases as "Open your a WING! Like a WING!" and "Get into one of the best shoulder stretches in ALL of yoga!" Clearly, he is a visionary. This would not be possible, as my best friend of all time knows, if I did not live in Tucson, land of 1000 yoga studios. She is stuck in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and although SHE can see her family ANYTIME she wants, no Brian Kest for her. But I digress. How did we happen upon His Kestness? It was a long, long, time ago, in a college dorm far, far away...

Kristin and I ran together (on the very same campus where we were once honked at because we were running and also were not fat pigs, a very high collegiate standard) in college, and with lots of running you need lots of stretching. And since Kristin was the closest thing I had ever known to a hippie, she introduced me to yoga. Our first video was Rodney Yee's (sorry, Brian) Yoga for Athletes. We would do it in the living room after a long run. We were too broke for classes, so we learned from our videos. The first time I tried Brian's video I was working overnight shifts at the battered women's' shelter. I was supposed to clean house all night, but I was too scared to leave the safety of the living room. I just knew the minute I walked into the kitchen, someone's drunken, crazed husband would beat the front door down and kill us all. So I watched TV all night (and made hemp jewelry for the women there, leading to my eventual firing) and sometimes did yoga, to calm myself. Brian's video was by far the hardest and Kristin and I didn't do it together very often because we were too competitive. But it was our benchmark of success, as in "I did Brian 3 times this week!" Or, "I couldn't even make it through half of Brian I am so weak."

Now I have all 3 of his "videos" on DVD and still do them even though I can afford real classes now. I still feel very accomplished after making it through one of his sessions. So, of course, I can't wait to attend an actual class of his. I don't know how many other yoga people know of him, and if anyone will care, or if I will be the only one asking for a picture with him. But I owe it to Kristin!


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