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Book Review: Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster

I read this book this past weekend, after having seen it all over I had read the timeline for the memoir on her site as well, so the subject is really what interested me. It's an interesting story: girl has good job, girl gets awesome job, she and her husband squander all their cash (apparently a quarter of a million annual income between the two of them) on luxe digs, $300 haircuts and prada bags. Then she gets laid off. Problems arise. They get married - for the cash - and then later he gets laid off. She manages to get a few temp jobs that she can't keep. In the end, they make sacrifices for each other, reign in the spending, get new jobs and happily ever after ensues.

I thought the book was well-written and funny. I appreciated her sarcastic and caustic sense of humor, if I did think she was overly critical of other people and didn't seem to gain any perspective from what she was going through at times. You don't completely hate her because she does pull her head out of ass enough to help out when her husband becomes overwhelmed by the stress of their situation. And she does stop with the obsession for $800 bags eventually. I found some of her reactions to things over the top, and maybe her obsession with herself (which is openly admitted) causes some of the over reaction (not to get all Dr. Phil on you or anything, but that's my two cents.)

But overall it's an entertaining book that makes you think about your take on life and widening your perspective to include more than yourself. The ultimate question to me when I read someone new is: Will I read them again? To Jen, I say yes, although I don't know what you do next when you have already written your memoirs in your mid thirties...


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